Where we can find the best welding institution?

Hi, My son completed his graduation and now he is planning to do a diploma course in welding. I have heard that welding has fantastic possibilities. So I supported his idea. But he needs a good institution for learning this course. How can we found an apt institution?. Please share your views. It will be ideal that you share your suggestion.

Ohio State offers a Bachelor of Science in Welding Engineering


Or is he interested in a program to become a certified welder? Those programs are offered by vocational schools or community colleges.

This will depend on where you live. Contact your local community colleges and vocational schools and ask about their welding programs. In particular, ask about the certifications offered and post-diploma placement. If their graduates find jobs soon after completing their program, then their course is a good one. For example, the tech school near me offers AWS (American Welding Society) certificates in their 2 year program.

Does he know anyone who is working now as a welder, or any business that hires welders? That would be a place to start to find out what training is necessary.

One route would be through a local community college. Another route might be through a union apprenticeship program. Here are links to information about two different apprenticeship programs. There may be others near where you live.