Where Were You Recruited?

<p>One of my greatest friends was recruited to play Women's Soccer at Harvard last year. She's now there and she loves it. Another friend of mine is going to Yale with me next year to play women's basketball!</p>

<p>I wish there was crew in the midwest. Then maybe I could get recuited..jk :D</p>

<p>U of MN has crew! ;)</p>

<p>I'm a rower too, dukebound11 :) Woohoo! I'm applying to mostly eastern schools, with the exception of Northwestern and Wisconsin Madison.</p>

<p>haha minnesota recruited me too!! just not for crew -_-
also wisconsin, texas a&m, and michigan state</p>

<p>eating food,
I have a neighbor who is very interested in playing women's basketball at an ivy. She is a very good student too. She is a soph in HS at this point. Any advice on how she can get the attention of ivy coaches? What is the recruiting timetable for women's bball? Do they firm up rosters and recruits after Jr year or wait to see how your senior season goes?</p>

<p>Mini Van, my d is also a hs soph and i'm a "newbie" for athletic recruiting but learning quickly. d's sport is field hockey. she's been to 4 national events (college showcases) which really looks good on paper but hardly an intimate recruiting tool. The best advice is to go to the school's camps so they can see her play/interact with the rest of the team. keep in touch (they can't contact her, but she can contact them as often as she likes).</p>

<p>^^^^In soccer college showcase tournaments are wonderful for recruiting! Each sport is different. You really need to network with parents in each particular sport to make sure you are doing the best for your child/athlete.</p>

<p>agree, northminnesota.
Runners need to go to national meets like Footlocker, Nike Nationals and Junior Olympics. Not so much to be "seen" but to record PRs on known courses, and to run head to head against the best in the country.</p>

<p>I agree every sport is different but still believe going to the school(s) you're interested in for a workout/camp is the best. 1. It shows the coach you are interested. 2. It allows them to see you interact with the team and get to know you. I can't imagine seeing a kid play in one of 100 games over a 2-3 day college showcase could possibly allow for these more intimate connections, regardless of the sport.</p>

<p>We just went through it with soccer, and the camps really are great for recruiting, but, they are time-consuming and expensive, so they are best used once you have a few schools that the kid likes and that are interested in hin/her. My daughter got offers or at least letters of serious interest from several schools based just on seeing her in tournaments, but the school she really wanted was not sold until she went to the camp. You really need to do both.</p>

<p>Neither D1 or D2 went to any camps. Recruited to schools only from showcase tournaments as were all 14 players from D2's club team who are all headed to DI schools. Maybe it depends on what part of the country or how competitive the showcase is??? Just goes to show you how different recruiting can be for each sport and individual!</p>

<p>I think it also may depend on the personality and style of the athlete - some are amazing to watch and it is readily apparent watching one match how good they are, others impress over time with their teamwork, consistancy, coachability, etc. My daughter had two solid offers based on tournament play, but neither was quite right academically. The school we really wanted for her was interested but on the fence, offering a walk on. She went to the camp and worked her tail off for the week and came home with a decent partial scholarship offer we were are happy with. Now, we just have to get that LOI and get through admissions and I can stop holding my breath!</p>

<p>You make an excellent point, strykermom. </p>

<p>Recruiting visits can be another chance for students to show what they're made of. Recruits who show up for the "optional" 7 AM practice on Sunday morning, make an effort to connect with the existing team (demonstrate appropriate social skills-critical for women) and who aren't afraid to have a real conversation with the coach can bump themselves up a notch or two on the list.</p>

<p>^^^ I also agree! we have done the early morning practice observation when doing overnight. Makes a real statement about wanting to be there.</p>

<p>Anyone know which colleges & what is required?</p>

<p>I was recruited as a coxswain for the men's team at the University of Washington. I also have coach support for Harvard, but we'll see...</p>

Another friend of mine is going to Yale with me next year to play women's basketball!


<p>Lol, I just realised that you're not a woman.</p>

<p>Edit: My bad-- I misread it.</p>

<p>Those of you that were recruited for crew...</p>

<p>what were you're 2k times and what races/regattas did you win/place at?
my boat was very successful last year and shoulb be this year too.</p>

<p>as a sophomore my erg time is 8:10
5'7'' ( i know, short) 135
would i have a better chance of being recruited if i was lightweight?</p>