Where Will These Classes Get Me?

<p>I was wondering how this course load will look on my college apps?</p>

<p>Freshman Year:
Honors English 1
Algebra 1
MUN (Honors World Geography)
Spanish 1

<p>Sophmore Year:
Honors English 2
MUN (Honors World History)
Spanish 2

<p>Summer: I will be taking a visual arts class at a cc, not sure which class yet</p>

<p>Junior Year:
Honors English 3
AP Biology
Algebra 2 Trig.
MUN (Honors U.S. History)
Spanish 3

<p>Summer: Precalculus Honors, AP Chemistry</p>

<p>Senior Year:
AP English Literature
AP Physics B
AP Calculus BC
MUN (Honors Government/Economics)
AP Spanish 4

<p>College. :)</p>

<p>OP, what kind of colleges are you looking for? It also might be helpful to put your course selection in context of your school. Like, are you taking the hardest classes possible? Have you exhausted the curriculum?</p>

<p>It entirely depends on the grades you get in those classes.</p>

How can you take an AP class over the summer? Won't you have forgotten everything by May?
While I appreciate your desire to take Calculus by your senior year, doing EC-related things in your summer is also good. Just taking classes year-round might make you come off as a grind...if that's a danger for you, find a way to make up for it. Essays, recs, something EC-y in the summer while the class isn't going, school-year extracurriculars, etc.</p>

<p>I'm on the hardest track for everything except math and MUN is a class and I opted to take it instead of the AP history track because it is a very unique, strong program and I really excell in it. About the AP thing I messed up when I said I was taking that over the summer, but I am going to fine a way to take it outside of my school becsause I am already at my class limit because of sports. I know I will be getting all A's and B's in the classes, unless I really slip up, but nothing is set in stone because I'm only a freshman.</p>

nothing is set in stone because I'm only a freshman.


<p>Exactly. Let your schedule evolve as it may. The only question to ask yourself is, Will my GC mark "Most Rigorous" on your app regarding your courseload? After that is taken care of, you should take classes in which you will excell.</p>