Where would you be right now if you hadn’t accepted your McGill offer?

I came across this thread on another chat site to which CC frowns on posting links. Here are some of the responses:

1-Brown or Dartmouth, being buried by student loans and drowning myself in alcohol purchased by some chill 21 yr olds

   reply--doesn’t sound like u need to hear this but just in case, you did the right thing!!!

            reply--i think i did too! mcgill has been amazing and i love montreal :) thank you!

2-Probably back in Boston at Northeastern or Boston University. S/O to McGill for having cheaper tuition than those two and being a pretty great institution and to Montreal for being an awesome city, which are the biggest reasons I came here.

3-Very, very deep in debt

4-either spending the same amount of tuition (international, so we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars) to stay in-state and go to a public university nowhere close to the quality of mcgill, or drowning in debt at a decent university that would have cost twice as much as mcgill even after their highest academic scholarship (which was as much as a mcgill tuition). forever grateful for canada’s affordable higher education and forever cursing the cost of american schools

5-I would’ve graduated by now since this school destroyed my mental health lol. Seriously I was taking classes at the local state school I would’ve gone to and it’s almost scary easy. I don’t get how you have a 300 level history class and never write an essay. In a class equivalent to BIOL 200 they gave us all the multiple choice questions before hand!

6-Tulane or Boston University. McGill is a better school and much cheaper so it was a no brainer, but maybe the warm weather at Tulane would’ve been nice lol

7-At Waterloo, I’d rather be here tho.

8-reed college
on the one hand might be better positioned to go into writing like i want to, on the other hand i might be a stoner

9-UC San Diego. I still think I would prefer living in Montreal to La Jolla, but I changed my major to econ after a year here and UCSD has one of the best econ programs in the world. Had I known I was going to do that, my decision may have been differen’t. Hindsight is 20/20 though, and I’m very happy here

    reply--Do you really think life in Montreal is better than in La Jolla? I found it to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Montreal sucks so much during the winter. I’m just curious how

             reply-- I love the city, cannot stand the suburbs. The beach and weather are nice, but San Diego (and all of southern California, tbh) just felt like a really big suburb. La Jolla seemed like San Diego's retirement home that they decided to put a state school in the middle of. Not my vibe.

For my son, it was BU. He had an offer to run…spot on the XC/Track team, etc. (Truth - he wanted Northeastern but they put him in NUin so he would have had to be a walk on Sophomore year.) But, the cost difference was huge and he chose McGill (where he also had a spot on the team). Turns out…over the summer he decided he didn’t want to run (he had done five years of running year round and burned out). Fast forward - he calls McGill the best decision of his life. Loves the school, his friends, his activities…and, of course, Montreal. As a parent, I just love how much he has grown and thrived at McGill.

I lived in Bonair Way in La Jolla . And attended Grad School at McGill in Montreal. If you are a scholar , a true scholar, then you would want to be in a cultural center of learning. The French/English cultural milieu of Montreal is intellectually stimulating. If you want warm weather, good surfing waves, and eating at In & out Burger, stay in San Diego.

Would have been UMass Amherst for my kid. They offered the best combo of price and quality after McGill.

Love this thread. Montreal has access (currently interrupted for who knows how long) to indie and moderately-known international arts groups that San Diego (and other U.S. cities) don’t always have. The current world situation definitely has an impact on the Montreal social/arts scene. Winter there is also no joke - not the place for anyone who needs a warm climate.