Which academic degree do you eventually want to hold?

<p>I was wondering how far CC wants to take academics. I'll list some here for review purposes:</p>

<p>GED - High School Education
Associates - Community College degree or equivalent
BS/BA - College Education
MA/MS - Masters Degree
Ph.D - Doctorate (not the same thing as medical doctor)
MD - Medical Doctor. What all you Johns Hopkins and Harvard kids want.
JD - Juris Doctor. What you lawyers eventually want to get.
MBA - Business degree. What you harvard business school and wharton types want.</p>


<p>I personally want to get a Ph.D. Either in computer science or computational biology.</p>

<p>MD, but from John Hopkins or Harvard.</p>

<p>MD from Harvard or Yale or a PHD. What about you?</p>

<p>So far, I'd like to get a PhD and an MBA</p>

<p>BA, PhD, and MBA.</p>

<p>I'm sure I want a BS degree. An MS and/or MBA might be useful to advance my career goals at some point.</p>

<p>JD. Hopefully from Harvard.</p>

<p>I'm working on a BSE (Bachelors of Science in Engineering), and I may or may not get a non-thesis MS/MSE after (if I don't I probably won't get anything else), and one day probably will get an MBA. </p>

<p>Anyone want to explain what they intend to do with their PHD and MBA? Seems useless.</p>

<p>Go around being pretentious.</p>

<p>Haha. No, actually I'm kind of toying with the idea of working in a museum as an administrator, not necessarily as a curator, in which case a MBA would be quite helpful. A PhD can't hurt either.</p>

<p>I want a MD and possibly PhD through MSTP.</p>

<p>Way too many acronyms there.</p>

<p>There are plenty of other acronyms which weren't listed.</p>

<p>BA in Political Science with a minor in International Relations.
Master's in the same.
PhD in the same. </p>


<p>The proportion of people here who want a Ph.D is scary.</p>

<p>But then again, this is CC.</p>

<p>^ It's a lot of internet ego stroking. A lot of people want a billion dollars as well, but hey...</p>

<p>Well for a lot of the professions we're going for, it's almost a prerequisite to succeed! But even for CC, you won't find an art major striving for a PhD :p</p>

<p>^ If I do major in art history, I would like to be well-paid. ;)</p>

<p>someone once suggested I get an AA -_-</p>

Go around being pretentious.


Seems like the main point of a MBA is money. I don't see how one could be pretentious about such vulgarity.</p>

<p>^ I think he was talking about a joint PhD and MBA. Why get both?</p>

<p>^To learn? </p>

<p>Regardless, I want an MD. As of now, at least...</p>

<p>BS in Industrial Design, from Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, or Philadelphia University.</p>

<p>Maybe MID, maybe not. I don't know yet.</p>