Which ACT should I post (UCLA)

<p>I'm applying to UCLA and I have to self report my act scores. </p>

<p>The requirements are:
*Record your scores exactly as they were reported by the testing agency.
* If you have taken a test more than once, record your highest overall score.
* Tests taken before February 2005 will not meet UC's Examination Requirement.</p>

<p>September ACT
Composite: 27
English: 25
Math: 24
Reading: 33
Science: 25
English/Writing: 24 (8 essay)</p>

<p>October ACT
Composite: 28
English: 30
Math: 27
Reading: 30
Science: 24
English/Writing: 29 (9 essay)</p>

<p>Overall the October seems better, my reading and my science dropped though. Can I super score and post a 30 27 33 25?</p>

<p>Send the 28, it is a higher score, and the UCs do not superscore.</p>

<p>What is your intended major? Engineering the math might better suit you, or if you don't know, just send both and they will judge on what they think is best.</p>

<p>don't ucs take only highest composite?</p>

<p>Understand that you must have offical scores sent by the testing agency and UCs will rely on those for admission. Thus, what you put on app will have little impact. However, UCs use that test with highest composite and when it says "report highest overall score" on app it wants you to report the one with the highest composite.</p>