Which AP classes to take as Senior?

I’m a rising senior in high school and have some questions about my AP classes. I’m applying to top colleges and was hoping I could get some guidance on my senior year schedule. Currently I’m registered for AP Gov, AP Euro, AP Lit, AP Stats, and AP Enviro.

The AP classes I have taken before are HUG, Lang, APUSH, and art history. My concern is that I don’t have AP classes in core subject like math and science, so I’m thinking that I should take AP Calc AB And AP Bio instead of stats and enviro this year, which sort of seem like the easy way out sometimes.

I’m applying to be a history major, so I don’t think I’ll need calc BC. But please give some input. I’ve already taken Bio Honors and Pre-Calc. Thanks.

If you are aiming for very selective schools then yes, on taking calc over stats.

Have you taken one year of chem and physics as well as bio? If not take chem or physics (doesn’t have to be AP for a non STEM major) for your science class.

I agree with Calc over Stats and an AP Chem/Bio/Physics C over other sciences if you have the pre-requisites and have taken an intro level of all three.

Calc AB will be fine. If you’ve taken Chem and Bio, but not Physics, AP Physics 1, if offered, will do. But C would be preferable.

I have already taken honors bio, honors chem, and honors physics.

Statistics can be useful for a history or social science major, but calculus can allow you to take a more in-depth calculus-based statistics course in college.

You say you are applying to top colleges:…if so, then
Take AP Calc AB…if you were thinking about not taking Calc, then you don’t need to take BC.

Also yes, take AP Bio/Chem/Physics over AP env.

On the other hand, if you are not as interested in taking AP science and math…is a top school for you? Are there other schools that would match your interests?

People go to top schools to study just about everything. I’m good at science and have received the best student awards for honors physics, but I’m not interested in it. So ill probably just take AP Enviro.

Life is a series of choices. High school isn’t all about building a college application. (Though some on CC that it that way). From your original post, you seem to understand the options and the trade offs, and have received advice here that aligns with it.

If that’s the right choice for you, go for it and enjoy!