Which AP has a lot of Memorization??

<p>So I'm a sophmore and next year I plan on taking 3-4 AP classes. I have a great memory, like really good.. Not with social life stuff but with school related things i can memorize anything in a short period of time. So which AP requires memorizing??</p>

<p>AP Biology, US and World History, Chemistry, Calc, English Lan/Comp-- Which one of these require good memory and if any other like psycology then please tell :)</p>

<p>AP Biology is piratically all memorization. I have also heard that the histories are easy to memorize, but I am not a history person, so US (never looked at world) was a bit tough for me.</p>

<p>History requires a great deal of memorization. I thought I had a very good memory as well but even so I had to study a lot of US History. Biology requires LOTS of memorization. If your memory is really that good, look into the USA Biology Olympiad- it also has lots of memorization. I recommend biology for you. Calculus just requires competency at math, and English Lang doesn't really require outside knowledge at all, you just have to be good at reading comprehension and at writing. World History might be doable too. Chemistry does require memorization but you also need to know how to apply formulas, so it's better to take as a class. I think Biology would be the best bet for pure memorization. You should take Calculus because it's an important and interesting class, English Lang because it isn't too hard, and Chemistry because it's also important. You could also take World History.</p>

<p>AP Bio is straight memorization
Histories are memorization</p>

<p>Chem is not memorization
Calc isn't really either
Lang doesn't require knowledge</p>

<p>Biology and Psychology... HEAVILY (and mostly) based on memorization.</p>

<p>AP Psych is pure memorization. It's not like they can give you a person and ask you to do some psychotherapy on them...they just ask about a whole bunch of terms and processes. A tiny bit of the course overlaps with AP Bio, too. Animal behavior (conditioning) and anything related to the nervous system (as well as the senses).</p>

<p>lol kayb92, true they can't give me a person..</p>

<p>Thanks everyone for those quick replies. I will self-study AP psych and do the take a class for the others expect for Calc BC, I'll take AB in class and then try to do BC by myself (Maybe) but still thanks for the rest :)</p>

<p>I'd say bio and psych ARENT pure memorization. They do require understanding (to some extent). Psych is interesting enough (imho) that you can read it once and remember the material. Do psych and bio in the same year though, its easier.</p>

<p>Histories are heavy heavy on memorization. like straight up, theyll ask you questions about X event, X person or X bill. Which is why i failed it.</p>

<p>AP Biology & AP Psychology</p>

<p>also APUSH, AP Euro, and AP WH</p>