Which AP(s) to self study

<p>This year I'll be taking 5 AP tests but I want to self study another. My options are stat, micro, or macroecon. I have a solid math background (5 on calc ab) so I don't think stat would be too hard but would econ be easier? I already have a pretty hard schedule, so I want my self study to be easy and not take up much time. Any suggestions?</p>

<p>Stat, definitely.</p>

<p>Yeah, Statistics is really easy and you can take it w/o even knowing any calculus, so just go for that</p>

<p>Ok stat it is! It seems like the consensus on cc is that barrons is the best for stat, but is there anything else I need? Maybe a txtbook or anoher good prep book?</p>

<p>I have heard Barrons from many people, but I have always used Princeton Review and have always passed, so I would recommend PR for any AP. I'm taking Stat now, but as a course and let me tell you it is extremely easy and tedious to take in school. It is definitely ideal as a self-study.</p>