Which are the best dorms at Stanford?

<p>If I am going to be an engineering major..
just wondering :)</p>

<p>I really don't think there's an answer. The dorms have a lot of diversity - if you go to any dorm, you'll find English majors, bio majors, engineering majors, people who are undeclared, physics/econ double majors... I think it's really exciting to be around people with different interests. Some dorms focus upon certain fields of study (for example, Storey has a lot of humbio and psych people) but still let in people of other majors.</p>

<p>If you want to hang around people with similar interests, you'll meet them through your classes and discussion sections. There are also engineering societies that you can join.</p>

<p>Thanks! But is there like one place that has 'the best' dorms, or ones that everyone wants (ie most spacious, etc)? I want to reference it in my roommate essay :)</p>

<p>Hmm... not really...</p>

<p>Well as freshman a lot of people want to go to Branner (very lively social scene large 2 room triples).</p>

<p>There's no "best" dorm, since obviously everyone wants something different. But yes, Branner's usually pretty popular for all-frosh scene, and Roble would be the counterpart for the 4-class scene; both are huge and loud.</p>

<p>Given that housing is determined after admissions, I really doubt this is going to help you much...how were you planning on referencing it?</p>

<p>Referencing it in your roommate letter won't do you any good, and is nothing more than a waste of valuable space. Your freshman dorm is determined the summer before you matriculate. You'll get a packet (or they might do it online now) in which you can list your preferences for housing along with a bunch of other things, and it's that packet and that packet only which determines your say in where you'll live.</p>

<p>There's kind of a rule of thumb for freshmen dorms: the more east you go, the louder; the more west, the quieter. This presents the different poles: FroSoCo being a very quiet study-friendly place to Branner, a more party-friendly place. For me, I thought Roble treated me the best, since it was more in the center , being both social and both quiet at the same time. Also, it was nice and close to the center of campus. If you're wondering for any year after Freshman, you may look into the row houses, gov corner, or mirrielees. Overall, you just need to talk to different people about their individual responses.</p>