Which are the best dorms for freshmen at the University of Pennsylvania?

I enjoy private bathrooms

D lived in Kings Court freshman year. Building was U-shaped with 3 bathrooms on floor. Her room was on one side of the U with boy’s bathroom nearby. The girl’s bathroom was way on the other side of the U so she ended up usually using the coed bathroom in the middle. If you want a private bathroom you should probably avoid Kings Court if possible. No A/C either.

When I was there, the Quad offered the quintessential freshman experience and I’d expect this is still true. As a resident of Kings’ Court/English House, I wouldn’t recommend it over the Quad for various reasons. That said, it was renovated in 2011 so the rooms should be nicer now. Having just checked the Penn residential website, it appears the Kings Court doubles are larger–approximately 280 square feet–than they used to be. Hopefully, they’re more uniformly sized as well. It used to be that you were in luck if you got a corner double as they were significantly larger than the ones next to them. When I was there people liked Hill House as well, I don’t know if that’s still true or not. Finally, I wouldn’t recommend staying in one of the high-rises as you’d not have a typical Penn freshman experience.

KCECH is an excellent alternative to the Quad (I lived there my freshman year). However, I agree with the other posters: if you want the “quintessential freshman experience” then go for the Quad. No other dorm can match what it has to offer

I made a mistake earlier when I wrote approximately 280 square feet. It’s really closer to 175 (12’4" X 14’4") + closet space. Apologies and I have no idea how I did that.

If you’re looking for a private bathroom as a freshman, then Mayer Hall (part of Stouffer College House) is a really good option.

My son is in the quad this year and he likes it, but is living off campus next year with a bunch of buddies. His single room is too small for his taste, but he is thankful he was able to get a single. There are not that many rooms on his floor and with both a male and female bathroom, not that many kids use either one…

My freshman D is also in a single in the quad. Bathrooms are “single” as well, in that they have 1 stall, 1 shower and sink. She says she never has conflicts with accessing the bathroom.

Most freshmen choose for the quad, which is a pretty solid choice in my opinion. Do take into account that there is definitely a chance that if you put the quad as your first three choices, you might still end up somewhere else since there are way more people who want a room in the quad then there is accommodation.

If you want the freshmen experience, your two best options would be the quad and hill. These two houses are full with freshmen.

I do have to warn you, the rooms and bathrooms in hill are not of great quality, and especially the doubles are really small. I ended up in hill because I had bad luck in the lottery system. At first I was really disappointed because of this, but I do have to say that because of many lounges, and the small rooms, hill is a very social place. I made amazing friends here and if i could do everything again I would do exactly the same. Also, you have your own dining hall in the building if you end up in hill.

If you want your private bathroom you don’t have a lot of choices. I believe the only houses that offer private bathrooms are Stouffer and maybe some rooms in the high rises? (not sure about this). I would definitely not recommend choosing one of these buildings just because you would like your private bathroom. As a freshman it is way harder to make friends in these places because there are in general way more upperclassmen.

Kings Court/English House is a solid back up if you don’t get into the quad. In general they have nice rooms, good bathrooms and their own (less popular) dining hall.

Location wise I would say the quad is the best.

Personally, I would rank quad first and second choice (if you don’t have a room after the second round it’s filled up for sure, so don’t waste your third choice by putting quad again), then hill or kings court third and fourth, and then fill up your last choices as you please. Of course you have to decide what is best for you yourself, but I hope my advice was helpful.

Daughter lived in the Quad last year and loved the location. Her floor was a close knit group of guys and girls and they pretty much had an open door policy. She did not have a private bathroom but it was not an issue for her.