Which are the best high schools and prep schools in America, according tô SAT scores

Which are the best high schools and prep schools in America, according tô SAT scores?

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I did a little searching and I found this website of rankings for private schools and states based on average SAT score: Average Private School SAT Scores by State (2021)

However, if you’re looking for schools to apply to, I would advise against using rankings of any kind to select schools to apply to. This might be a good starting point, but you should think about what you want in a high school instead. This is a resource that NMH (Northfield Mount Hermon, a well-known boarding school in CT) has put together to help applicants research schools: https://www.nmhschool.org/uploaded/Z_NMH_UPLOADED_FILES/ADMISSION_NMH_FILES/Checklist_for_Researching_and_Choosing_a_School.pdf Of course, there’s a lot on there and not everything will be important to you, but it’s good to think about all of the different qualities schools have. In short, you should consider different aspects like setting (urban, rural), size (small, large), culture (large college-like, small and family-like), and different opportunities offered to students. Academically, you really can’t go wrong at top boarding schools and probably private schools as well. Still, you should make sure that there is a way for you to pursue your academic (and extracurricular) interests whether it’s through an elective, an independent study, or a club.

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boardingschoolreview.com will also provide you a list with schools ranked by SAT scores-- but note that many schools do not report to such sites and will not make these lists. My son’s school is one of them, and they have consistently had higher average SATs than many of the acronym schools…yet they have never been listed as such.

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Which is your son’s school?

@James_000 A better metric to look up is the difference between expected average SAT, based on average admitted SAT scores, and actual average SAT scores.

Somewhere around here in one of the parent threads someone worked this out for a lot of the popular schools in this forum.

What was a revelation for some was that for a lot of the elite schools, the average SATs weren’t higher than the expected average SATs based on SSATs. Of course, it could be argued that when one is talking about the creme de la creme, there’s little margin for improvement.

One of the exceptions was Concord Academy, which exceeded expectations, IIRC.

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