Which are the Best Rev. Books: Math 11c, French Sat11 and Ap, US Gov. ap

<p>Which books are the best for these tests? Thanks so much.</p>

<p>Look around, and you will find that a few of those (if not all?) have been discussed at some point.
... especially math IIC. I recommend Princeton Review SAT II Math, if you could only choose one prep book.</p>

<p>I find Barron's to be the best of all the commercial test prep's as their books are loaded with information. The texts may not be as interesting as that of Princeton or as user friendly as Kaplan (Damn those stars, chess pieces, and screaming ugly guy), but I find that Barron's covers nearly all testable material. Hey, they helped me get an 800 on IIC and likewise on the French SAT II. Though I've never taken US Gov., I'm sure their book can't be that bad.</p>