Which are the best schools of medicine in Caribbean

Which schools or universities you would like to suggest in Caribbean region.

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I don’t recommend any of them.

But if are a US citizen and want the best chance of matching to a US residency from a Caribbean medical school, go to one of the “The Big Four”

St George’s University in Grenada
Ross University in Barbados
American University of the Caribbean in Sint Martin
Saba University in Saba

Please be aware all Caribbean medical schools are private, for-profit entities.

And before you decide to attend one, do your due diligence and investigate their drop out rates, their on-time 4 year graduation rates, their USMLE first time pass rates, and their residency placement rates. You should also check to see that the school offers US clinical rotations to its students. Without US clinical experience, you won’t be able to get the letters of recommendation from US supervising physicians needed to apply for a US residency.

Out of the Big 4, none publish drop out rates (anecdotally quite high–30-50%) and only St. George and Ross publish residency placement rates (which are highly manipulated to make their placement rates appear more favorable than they are).

US citizen grads of Caribbean medical schools face significant difficulties in the US residency match. Many residency programs simply do not consider international medical graduates at all. At those that will consider IMGs, and Caribbean grad will need significantly higher USMLE exam scores than US MD or DO grads to be consider for the exact same position.