Which Arts and Humanities NU Core?

<p>Which one is the best to select on that online advising pre-orientation online course submission form?</p>

<p>Also if I am a behavioral neuroscience major does this even leave room for any additional classes? If i'm in honors do any mandatory honors classes fill these spots? (if there are any)</p>

<p>I'm in the same exact boat as you, behavioral neuroscience major and honors, and I had my orientation yesterday.</p>

<p>Dont worry about filling one out. There are no spots for electives for behavioral neuroscience majors, and you'll find this out when you meet with your advisors. The only way you would have space if you realllllly wanted to fulfill the requirement the first fall semester is if you get AP credit for some classes and fill the space with an A&H class. But usually this is filled with either english or a psych elective.</p>

<p>all of the ones i found interesting were filled up. ugh.</p>

<p>Argh... sorry to hear people mentioning classes filling up. Son's orientation is not til late July. At our local state university they meter out the class slots so that all students get approx the same chance. Any chance same at NEU?</p>

<p>well they already seed you for certain classes but if you want to switch or make time changes it's a lot more difficult if you have a later orientation. that's what the advisors were telling us at this past orientation at least.</p>

<p>There are freshmen-only honors courses that are good for core requirements called "Inquiries", if you get any electives.</p>