Which boarding school is within walking distance to town?

Hello, which boarding schools in MA and CT are within walking distance to town? I know Concord Academy is (Middlesex isn’t), Andover and Exeter as well.

In particular, anybody has info on NMH, Governor’s, Loomis, and Choate?




Loomis is walking distance to Windsor.

Choate is an integral part of the town of Wallingford. Students may wander into town anytime they wish.

NMH is isolated. Beautiful and bucolic, but isolated.

Loomis is in the center of town and a 5 min walk from the train station as well.

Not on your list, but we just visited Suffield today and it is very close to town. Less than a 5-minute walk to CVS, Dunkin’Donuts, restaurants, a grocery store, etc.

I have to give Windsor the edge over Wallingford…although, Wallingford has done a nice job in making improvements particularly in the center of town

Williston Northampton is IN the town (or part of the town) and the town is considered “in campus bounds” for students

Suffield is also fewer than 10 min from Six Flags, which doesn’t at all answer the OP’s question, but is a definite location plus!

Also not on the original list, but Westminster is located in the center of a beautiful town (it’s just a bit of an uphill walk to get back to campus).

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Canterbury is a quick walk down the hill to the center of New Milford, which has a bunch of restaurants, a CVS, bank, movie theater, etc (your typical New England town center).

thanks so much for all the answers!

now i will need to narrow down to schools with NO Saturday classes.

As a general consideration, “academies” tend to be more integrated with their towns than “schools” (for historical reasons related to founding dates and naming trends).

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Are you a boy or a girl? I think there are some girls schools that could be added…