Which boarding school should I go to?

Hi! I’m still on my search for boarding schools because I have realized that the ones I’m interested in now are not a good fit. So if you have any suggestions, please tell me. I’m applying for grade 9.

I’ll start with the academics. I get all A’s. I’m especially strong in math, I’m on the honor roll. I’m on the math team and chess team at school (they’re more like clubs though). I want to go to a very academically challenging school.
I started the GSA at my very catholic school, which has like 8 members.
I play volleyball and basketball but I don’t have that much athletic ability. I also swim and I’m good (top 15 backstroke in city, U14), but I’m not expecting that to be the reason I get accepted.
I started learning cello a year ago as a sort of hobby, definitely not something that takes a lot of time (~3.5 hours a week). I’m in the school band, I play clarinet, started that last year too. Music isn’t really a huge thing for me.
I’m on the leadership club at school, we organize things like bake sales and food drives.
I’d want to go to a small to medium sized school that has a really strong community, and accepting students, too. Maybe a high percentage of students who board?
I’m from Canada, and looking at schools in the US. I will need LOTS of financial aid, my parents can pay up to 15,000. I’d also like to go to a coed school (but all-girls is OK too).
I’m kind of worried that I look to disinterested and that I am not passionate about anything outside of academics so I’ll probably be more active on the leadership club. I’m also thinking of volunteering at the library.

Also, aside from which schools I should apply to, how many schools should I apply to?

Hi! I currently go to boarding school. Where in the US would you like to go to school? What schools have you looked at? If you would like you can message me privately and I can answer your questions!

@popcornmusic there are plenty of schools that will offer the amount of financial aid that you need, but as @hi2004 said, we would need to know what parts of the country you would be willing to apply to. That being said, your EC’s are fairly impressive! PM me if you have questions!