Which Boarding Schools? For International Student

<p>Hey, I live in the UK and I would really like to study in an American School, I think I would be in 10th Grade at the minute. I also really like the idea of boarding school but then im not sure.. I have questions..
Anyone suggest good boarding schools? That accept international students?
I've looked at Deerfield online and it looks really good, anyone attend and could say anything about it? and what is the SSAT like I think I have to take it to get into boarding school?

<p>All good U.S. boarding schools accept int'l students. In general, the more elite the school, the fewer the number of int'l students admitted-- these schools are not "international schools". </p>

<p>Typically, int'l students are expected to be full-pay. And as the top schools have enormous endowments, these schools so not need to rely on revenue from int'l students to fund their budgets, the way less endowed schools might have to, so the top schools can be picky about which int'l applicants to admit. Therefore, the elite schools tend to limit the number of int'l students from any one country, to ensure the geographic diversity of their student body. </p>

<p>Having an "overrepresented" nationality, like China or S Korea, can make it more challenging to be admitted to a top school-- a tremendous number of kids from these countries competing for a few spots. UK is probably neutral.</p>

<p>do you know of any ways in which I can enhance my chances of admission? :)</p>

<p>To enhance your chances of admissions, you should:</p>

<li>study/prepare yourself for taking the SSAT</li>
<li>perform well academically this year; you will to submit recommedations, especially the current English Teacher and Current Math Teacher</li>
<li>write good essays for the application</li>
<li>apply yourself in your extracurricular activities, to demonstrate that you are a well-rounded person</li>
<li>present yourself well in your interviews</li>
<li>cross your fingers for luck</li>

<p>okay! thanks!</p>