Which book did you use for Physics C?(mech and EM)

<p>I'm taking it next year but I want to go ahead and get a review book because my teacher will pretty much just be eating while we sit and class and do nothing. It's like scheduled self study time I guess. Anyway I would like a book I could use to study for the AP exam and maybe look at if I need to study for his random tests. What did you guys use this year and how did you like it? I was looking at another thread and it seems to be between PR and Barrons</p>

<p>Get a proper textbook (preferably Halliday) and read it through if you really want to get a 5
PR or Barrons might get you a 5 if you really understand everything in the books</p>

<p>I like Barron's. As barkingsimon said, do get a proper textbook too!</p>

<p>I used Barron's alone. But whenever I come across something I don't understand in the book, I look it up on the internet.
But I would say the Barron's book is pretty clear by itself.</p>

<p>I used Barron's. It's informative and comprehensive =)</p>