Which books

<p>Taking the ACT's, SAT 2 MATH level 2, and SAT 2 physics.</p>

<p>just tell me the books i should get because i have only a month to prepared and i haven't finished my pre-calc course so i wanna do some heave duty reading all month long</p>

<p>I found that The Real ACT Prep Book helped me the most. It's the only book created by the ACT and it includes 5 ACT Tests that were previously administered as actual ACT tests. I did all 5 of the practice tests and brought my ACT from a 25 to a 30 (with a 31 superscore)! :)</p>

<p>serious bump. going to the book store tomorrow.</p>

<p>i have not finished my pre-calc class. please tell me which book i should get for the subject test. i can't afford to play around anymore</p>