Which business major leads to this career?

<p>I'm a business major and my whole life I always dreamed of a career where i'd be working in a large city in a tall building, going to work in a suit and having office meetings. What kind of career choices have these and what majors would lead to them? Thanks</p>

<p>Any business major can lead to that</p>

<p>which ones are mainly set on that?</p>

<p>I really like the way this question was asked.</p>

<p>This is the best post I've ever seen in any forum.</p>

<p>Extremely funny!</p>

<p>Is this child serious or is this a joke? Even an admin can do this.</p>

<p>Investment Banking...on Wall Street</p>

<p>Head Janitor.</p>

<p>This is a joke. And it's not funny, so don't troll.</p>