Which business major should I choose?

I want something to double Major in along with marketing. Something quantitative, writing, data and statistics heavy, something with heavy demand and a wide range of job opportunities…

Should I do marketing with finance or business analytics or supply chain management or Information Systems?

What do you enjoy? Do you like math? Are you good at it?

Marketing plus math/stats is a great path.

Marketing plus advertising, digital media or some type of CS/Info systems would work.

I’m not a big fan of Data Analytics majors. Too new and nebulous. It’s a combination of business, math and CS. Depending on the college the emphasis could vary. No standards yet. Just my opinion.

Whichever u enjoy but stats is good. Even something social science with research. Even marketing majors by itself get jobs but honestly your second major should be primary over marketing. Supply chain overall would be a better major but like marketing u can have that career regardless of major. But the recruiting of supply chain majors is plentiful. But don’t do marketing and supply chain.

Finance is always good.

In the end u should have interest in what u study. And u have to see if the school allows u to do two b school majors.

Which flavor ice cream do you want in your sundae?

How do we know? You need to figure out what you are interested in!


From your other posts you haven’t even started college yet- and as recently as a couple of weeks ago you were looking at political science and criminal justice and pre-law.

My strong suggestion is that you put less effort into choosing a major- much less a concentration within a major, and focus on choosing what colleges should be on your list. As you research them, check out their support for “undeclared” students. All colleges welcome undeclared students, but some have advisors who are explicitly for those students, who will help you put together a first year course list that will help you taste-test areas that your are interested in while making sure that you are meeting the GenEds requirements and staying on track for graduation. When you go to write your ‘why us’ essays, lean into that piece.

It is one of the unusual things about the US system that you do not have to know the answer before you begin. And given that you aren’t sure of where your true interests lie (except to be employable!) use that to your advantage: get to college. TRY these classes. Continue down the path that works best for you!

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Ugh. We should have a one thread per student rule. Kudos for u looking deeper and giving spot on guidance.

Agree that there is absolutely no reason to decide now. If you go to an undergraduate business school you will take introductory courses in a number of disciplines (ex. marketing, accounting, finance, IT, statistics to name a few) as part of the business core curriculum. Once you have taken these classes you will have a much better idea of where your interests and aptitudes lie.