Which business schools would be the best fit to me?

I am a rising senior from Boston.
I am currently studying at a boarding school located in Massachusetts, and I want to know my best fit business schools.

Below are my spec.

GPA: 3.71/4.00 (unweighted)
SAT I: Reading 760 / Math 800 (Total 1560) / 22/24 Essay
SAT Subject Tests: Math 2C 800 / Physics 800 / US his 780
Courses taking during senior year: AP Stat, AP Phy 1, AP US Gov, AP Lit, Mandarin III, Architecture

Investment Team (President): invested $ 10k in the stock markets
Stock Analysis Team (President)
Internship at Accounting Firm
English Teacher for Foreign Students
Varsity Track & Fields
Semi-Pro at Alpine Skiing (Captain of the team)
Speed Skating Team (Captain)-3rd Place Korean national tournament
MUN (Treasurer)
Debating (VP)
School Tour Guide

I want to apply to the schools where very liberal, cooperative, and friendly with students.
I am also applying early decisions since I am very eager to my major.

I need the experts’ advice.

Thank you.

Is there anything else you’re looking for?
Do you want a large, medium, or small student population? Do you want a city, or something more suburban?

Anyway, you might want to look into Kogod at AU. Your SAT makes you competitive for the honors program and FDDS scholarship.

What other things are important to you in a school?

Important to know your career goals (if any) and whether or not you intend to be an accounting major.

Business school recommendations can vary substantially depending upon whether one is targeting Big 4 accounting firms or seeking a position as a management consultant or wants to be hired by an investment bank.

If you are at boarding school, you have access to some of the top college counselors in the country! Get a list from your counselor- and the folks here will be happy to add their input. But honestly- your counselor has a database of who gets in where, and that will be the first step.

And then costs… what can you and your family afford?