which case is more impressive? is SAT more important than GPA?

<p>Case1 :
SAT2:math800,physics800, chemistry800
AP's: 5 on five ap exam
GPA(out of 4.0):3.5</p>

sat2:math780, physics 690 chemistry 740
GPA(out of 4.0):4.0
no AP</p>

<p>The first case is more impressive because the SAT 2 scores should complement the GPA. The first case indicates that the school probably has grade deflation, since getting 800 on math, physics and chemistry is a pretty impressive feet.</p>

<p>1st case definitely, especially because the 4.0 GPA without any APs isn't really impressive. I mean, it isn't easy, but taking all regular classes and getting a 4.0 isn't the same as taking a rigorous course load and still having a pretty good GPA.</p>

<p>thx for replying.</p>

<p>if your school doesnt offer AP (i live in Canada) then does that count against you? Like, let's say I am equal to a US applicant (not considering that I am international), and he/she has APs and I don't since my school doesn't offer them, is my application severely weakened? Honest opinion.</p>

<p>^ No, they consider the context of your school. Or at least that's what I'm told. They'll try to consider other more explicitly comparable areas of your application.</p>

<p>If the second-case student didn't take any honors classes or APs and his or her school offered them, the first case is definately more impressive.</p>

<p>the first case is more impressive, but this is not even close to showing "which is more important gpa or sat"</p>

<p>what about equal ECs, APs, and everything else
but Student A has SAT score of 2200 and GPA of 3.8
and Student B has SAT of 2050, but GPA of 3.95</p>

<p>and what if Student B had an SAT of 2000 instead of 2050, then who is more impressive...pretend SAT Subject Tests are equal</p>

<p>Alot of the top schools (Stanford/MIT/Ivy caliber) expect you to challenge yourself on your own if your school doesnt offer AP type classes so its taken into consideration but if you sort of use your school's lack of difficult courses as an excuse it wont be taken well...</p>

<p>oh, ok. aight guys, time to stop hiding the facts lol. My school has this "enrichment program" for core subjects (math, sci, english) which is the same thing as regular classes but you do a little more complex stuff. Here's the problem. I took it in grade 9 and grade 10. I did not take it this year, because of a few reasons:
1) limited enrollment, they have to mix classes with half of the "enriched students" and half university level students (u know, they make a class that is enriched but only 6-8 kids are in it, so they add regular kids into the class to fill it up)
2) Ontario (province in canada) universities DO NOT CARE about this program, as they don't recognize it (they only recognize Massey High school's enriched math program and IB programs in ontario)
3) Some teacher mark harder/don't teach as well, and take it for granted that you know all the fundamentals, which i don't like</p>

<p>So, I did not take 'Enriched' this year. So, my question is 'should I take it next year?" The thing is I didn't take it this year because the math teacher for it sucks and I didn't see the point if it was basically a regular class, and the enriched kids were mixed with everyone else. Also, i thought for sure I was going to an Ontario University. But, now Idk if I should take it next year. </p>

<p>Next year will be challenging as it is, so is it worth it? Also, in an application should I mention that I took this program? Would it look bad since I didn't take it in Grade 11 and maybe gr.12 too? Also, marking is harder in those classes, so it would undermine my chances at the highest overall average for my grade. So what would be more impressive, taking these so-called enriched classes or just getting the highest average all 4 years in high school?</p>

<p>*and btw, they couldn't find out about enriched could they? Like the course code for any enriched program course has an 'N' at the end of it. Like SBI 3U in Gr.11 Bio, but enriched is SBI 3UN</p>

<p>whenever people post two cases to compare i always think they're doing it to compare themselves against some ~academic rival~ of theirs or something. idk.</p>