Which Chemistry Class should I take with a 5 on AP Chem exam?

<p>I got a 5 on the AP Chemistry exam in high school and I had a really good teacher. With this, I could be exempt from Chem 6A, B, AND C or Chem 11 and go straight into organic chemistry. Is it a good idea to take the ap credit and go straight to organic chemistry? I feel that college chemistry will teach things with depth so I am thinking about starting over from Chemistry 6A. My friend also says that everyone who receives 5s starts with Chem 6A anyways because graduate schools want to see a grade for these classes. I am not sure how valid this is.</p>

<p>If I take the AP score, I could take the Chem 6 Honors series starting with Chem6B Honors. However if I DO take honors, I think I will start with Chem 6A Honors.</p>

<p>So my questions are:
-Can you clarify for me why graduate schools want to see a grade in these classes? (if this is true) What's the reasoning?
-What are the benefits and drawbacks of taking the AP credit and being exempt from three courses and going straight into organic chem? What do you suggest?
-What are the drawbacks and benefits of taking an honors series verses the regular courses? </p>

<p>I am an incoming freshman so I am not sure what is best approach to take. Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated. </p>

<p>This quarter, in addition to chemistry, I am also planning on taking:
-Calc 20B
-Doc 1
-Beginning Contemporary Dance</p>

<p>Thank you so much for your help!</p>

<p>graduate schools DON'T care about these classes.</p>

<p>medically-inclined professional schools DO, because they're actually relevant to what they'll be teaching you. not to mention they're directly tested on the MCAT and PCAT and whatever dental schools use.</p>

<p>your friend's wrong. all the folks i knew (~half dozen) went directly into ochem. if they decided they needed genchem later on, they could go back and take it. several were also TAing genchem classes in their soph/jr/sr years, so presumably they were able to work something out if the need arose.</p>

<p>benefits? you don't have to take classes you may not necessarily need. plus you won't have to be bored out of your mind. </p>

<p>honors series is worthless unless you're really into physics.</p>

<p>we've written extensively on the merits of the honors vs regular chem series, so check the archives.</p>

<p>if you are premed, you should take the chem6 series, like astrina says, it is really great review for the mcat and i think med schools would like to see a year of gen chem (if my memory serves me right)</p>

<p>if you are not premed, you should just jump to ochem.</p>