Which Christian college would be good for me?

<p>I have a 97 average and a lot of extracurricular activites, but didn't take the SATs/ACTs yet because I am only a sophomore (yes, I know it is early but my guidance counselor wants me to start looking).
*I want to be an American History teacher and I would like to go to college in either NJ, PA, NY, or VA

<p>If you’re willing to venture out just a little farther take a look at Taylor University in Indiana. Two daughters (one graduated, one still attending) have had their intellectual, social and spiritual lives enhanced greatly at the school. Very good academics, facilities, and dedicated professors. The “community” feel on this campus is incredible. Check it out.</p>

<p>Would you like a small or large university? Are you more reserved with demonstrating your spiritual beliefs, or are you more outgoing with your Christian beliefs?</p>

<p>Agree w/ much of Masny’s POV of Taylor. Imo, unfortunately, Taylor has one major flaw in its provision … it approaches monastic. While many college coeds proclaim, “life in the city’s for me!”, I’m no fan of higher education in the urban milieu. Look @ Pitt. A lost semester because of the mystery bombers. Look @ Tulane, with the misfortune of being in NOLA when the Irene blew in and the dam blew down. Could either of these have happened in the midst of cornfields and pig farms surrounding Taylor? Of course. But not so likely nor so destructively. So safety and crime take on different meanings in Upland than in NYC or Chicago. </p>

<p>The point is Taylor and Upland do have some “upsides.” I just wish Upland had maybe a thousand, maybe 2 in population … maybe more than one stop light. They tried to address this, opening a failed campus in Ft. Wayne. Wasn’t practical, became financial drain I guess.</p>

<p>Google up Upland, IN … [Google</a> Maps](<a href=“Google Maps”>Google Maps) </p>

<p>But IF you go, try some ice cream @ Ivanhoe’s. Cold Stone can’t hold a cold candle or cone compared to this ice cream parlor.</p>

<p>I certainly know that Taylor is in a VERY rural environment (although as far as I know there are no pig farms nearby :))…it is not an isolated place. Taylor’s rankings on Open Doors for study abroad programs and experiences is impressive and is indicative of how its community engages with the broader globe. However, it’s location does impact (and some would say strengthen) its strong community life…AND I second the idea of a stop at Ivanhoes…try the Mocha Almond Fudge…</p>