Which Claremont College is best for me/Chances?

'm at a junior top high school in California
GP A- 4.0 uw, 4.6 weighted,
Sophomore year course load: Ap calculus AB/ BC(5 on both) Ap Computer science, AP Chemistry(4), AP World History(5)
Junior Year Courses: AP Biology, AP Physics 1, AP US History, AP Psychology, AP Environmental Science, AP English Language
SAT: Old sat 2290- retaking, PSAT 1480 (750 m 730 r/w)
ECS: President of multiple clubs including- girls who code, bone marrow drive, research club, started a nonprofit to help cancer patients, got funding to start a middle school STEM outreach/teaching STEM to girls with autism, hosting a stem conference with the Congressman and other researchers, assist with a healing arts workshop for cancer patients
Research: Internships in biomedical research from freshman year, paid research internship this year as part of a rigorous life sciences program, publishing clinical research in oncology

Any advice? Also, which college would be best for premed- im interested in the Joint Science Program and the Accelerated sciences classes. I also would like to know whether undergraduates can do research at clinical insitutions like City of Hope or if there are any local hospitals/medical schools to get involved in. Would I be able to find as many medical opportunities at Claremont as opposed to a UC? thank

Mudd isn’t a great choice for premed – grade deflation is real there. Not sure about your other questions, although for med school if you spend time some summers on medical related activities, you are okay not doing as much on it during the year. So focusing your search on clinical opportunities may not be necessary. You would likely have research opportunities on campus in bio and other sciences.

I agree with ^ on Mudd. I’d recommend the Keck Science Dept, shared by CMC, Pitzer, Scripps. I’d go with Scripps if I were you.

But if you can score higher on the SAT when you retake, then why not try for Stanford? Lots of medical research opportunities there. http://med.stanford.edu/education/undergrad-studies.html

I’m trying to be realistic with my college choices and know without a hook/URM/legacy I have no shot at Stanford or Harvard. I am very interested in Brown, UPenn and Cornell and will probably apply early decision to Brown