Which class(es) on your schedule makes you nervous?

<p>I'm a little nervous for my Honors English class because we will be doing some hefty reading, but I think i'll manage. I'm also kind of nervous for Latin, but it sounds fun at the same time.</p>

<p>Worried about Chinese. First contact with it...</p>

<p>Worried about Chem but esp Alg 2, I am utterly horrendous at Algebra, thankfully I have an amazing tutor/friend to help this semester!</p>

<p>Honors physics 1(using math upto/using differential equations.)</p>

<p>Thermodynamics and Organic Chemistry Lab, leaning more towards the lab.</p>

<p>the 3 upper div econ classes because i've only taken 3 so far, and now i'll be taking 3-4 every quarter for the next year and a quarter</p>

<p>I'm taking a class that is intended for Senior year as a sophomore, I just don't know if I'll be able to meet the quality of work expected.</p>

<p>corey91: That's normal for many high caliber students, you'll be fine.</p>

<p>I fear: Organometallic, Pchem 1, and Cell biology this fall (I anticipate evolutionary biology being my joke course). The professors for Organometallic and Cell bio are known for being very rigorous (took organometallic prof. for orgo. He was indeed very challenging. The course was frosh only and it was tougher than the sophomore/upperlevel sections). Pchem is just....Pchem. Regardless of prof. it's a pain, especially the lab.</p>

<p>Linear Algebra, Chem 1, and Honors British Lit 1. Linear Algebra because it just sounds like a daunting course. Chem 1 because I got stuck with a difficult professor, not so much the material. And British Lit could potentially change from a joke class to my downfall, since I have a really bad habit of pushing off reading/essays.</p>

<p>Thought this was the college life forum?</p>

<p>My writing class. I was never that great at english.</p>

<p>Calculus 2, especially since i'm coming off a gap year and can hardly recall Calc 1 concepts/formulas :/</p>

<p>eziamm: I have reason to believe that only 1 of the posters isn't in college (the one invoking Algebra II. I don't know many colleges that have that, but then again, I'm kind of in some bubble being at a school that doesn't offer lower than calc. if you don't count stats). However, even those I know at CCs have maybe taken trig or pre-calc.). The honors courses aren't indicators as, if you were in HS, most wouldn't have "Honors X" and linear algebra or mention of Diff. Eqs in the same sentence/phrase. More than likely, they are merely in an honors program at their U. </p>

<p>ricku92: Linear algebra is one of the easier higher level maths. For some it just takes a little getting used to. Also, depends on if class is proofs based. If it is, watch out. My friends took profs. w/proof-based approaches and it didn't go as well as expected for them. If it doesn't over-emphasize proofs/derivations, you should be fine.</p>

<p>DemolitX: If you can learn to integrate, you're fine. A lot of calc. 2 is completely new (series!!!), so you'll be on level playing field w/your peers if you pick up integration again.</p>

<p>"Thought this was the college life forum? "</p>

<p>I know, right? Most of these sound like high school courses. I mean, I know colleges have Latin and Chinese and stuff too, and no high school is going to have Organometallic (whatever that means lol), but "Honors Physics," "Honors English," and "Algebra II" are definitely names of courses I took in high school...</p>

<p>Anyway. I'm nervous about my Music Theory I class because I already know most (if not all) of the material that's going to be covered, and it starts at 8am. These two facts will make me want to skip this class every single day. I mean, I'll try not to skip too much (I'll have to figure out my school's policy on that), but it's going to be very difficult. I'm also kind of nervous about my keyboarding skills class because I've never been in a group instrumental instruction class before. I've done performance-based stuff like choir and stage band but nothing solely dedicated to competency on a particular instrument, so I just don't know what to expect. It also kind of sucks that it's 4-5pm MWF.</p>

<p>I'll say it, unless you're junior or senior then you have no reason to be worried. Chem 1, Calc 2, English 1? Puh-lease. Those classes were my bread and butter because they basically rehashed stuff from HS.</p>

<p>And also, honors doesn't really mean anything. In my exp. honors classes were a bit easier than regular because you end up with the better profs who assume you're smarter and don't "test you" on it.</p>

<p>My intro to German class. I shouldn't have too much difficulty with it since I used to speak the language, and I have plenty of people overseas to practice it with but still..I'm not that good at foreign languages, especially the grammar bit.</p>

<p>College Chem 2. The first part was a pain in the ass for me (maybe because it was an 8-hour class?? Doesn't help that the professor worked problems out backwards. I'd take stuff to another chem PhD for help explaining things and she had a hard time believing that's how he really explained stuff. You and me both, sister. You and me both.) and I hated it. Flipping through the book I used then, it doesn't look too great for this, either. Ugh. I hate it so much. I like what I know about o-chem, so alls I have to do is make it through this semester.</p>

<p>Come to think of it, I should start reviewing last semester's chem course's information now that I'm done with my internship. Strangely enough, that internship was in a chemistry lab and even Chemistry grad students and two post-docs couldn't even help me with my homework. How does that even work!?</p>

<p>BTW, I took Honors courses in college. Honors College Comp. I & II, Honors Trig, Honors College Algebra (they split up pre-calc into two classes at my CC for whatever reason), Honors US History, etc. If you're in the Honors Program and you take honors classes, you get a nice scholarship. And with the exception of the math classes, we weren't "tested" but we did have a lot of writing, presentations and discussions that factored into our grades. I'd take that over a test in a muthafudging heartbeat.</p>

<p>Physics lab. I hate labs because I hate writing lab reports + the time it takes up.
But I'm not really "nervous" per say. It's more of an "ugh!"</p>


<p>A bit nervous because it's the class that determines how well you'll do in future classes in the major. Excited because I can finally learn something new.</p>

<p>Historical Thinking (also known as historiography, or the "history of history") </p>

<p>It's a required seminar for history students, and it's allegedly pretty intensive. My professor has a "so-so" rating, which slightly worries me. I'm just going to have to trust that she will be a good professor.</p>