Which class is better?

<p>I am about to go into my junior year of high school, and I have a scheduling conflict. Originally my schedule was AP Chem, AP Psych, AP Lang, AP Gov, French 4, and Honors Pre-Calc, but on request of my parents I asked if Anatomy and Physiology was available for me in exchange for Psych. The class is usually seniors only but my counselor approved it, and I would like to take the class since my schedule won't allow for it next year. Would it be a better decision to stick with Psych or take Anatomy? If it helps, I am aiming for Ivy League/Stanford&Cal-Tech/MIT as low-to-high reach schools and UofM/UCLA/UCB are my targets.</p>

<p>Take anatomy this year and psych next year if you’re going into science, especially pre med. Take psych if you do not intend to major in science.</p>

<p>Take the class that best aligns with your interests and ability to do well. No college is going to view you differently over that single choice of Anat/Phys over AP Psych.</p>

<p>The MCAT now includes psychology and sociology.</p>