Which class is easier out of these AC and R&C requirements?

<p>I'm currently signed up for Film Studies R&C and Gender and Womens Studies AC.</p>

<p>However, I only chose those because the times worked out well. Now that some spots are opening up, I need help deciding between these classes or if I should stick with the original schedule.</p>

<li>Is rhetoric, film studies, or anthropology easier?</li>

<p>Btw, I LOVE math and not history or english..so the less reading, the better! : ] Also by easier, I mean what's the easiest to get an A in? For instance, I guess German is supposed to be IT at Berkeley, but obviously, that's full. I also probably wouldn't want to take that because I'm not really "interested" in learning German, so which of these is the most fascinating as well?</p>

<li>Music or Education? Or am I good with Gender and Womens studies? I love both of the first 2 topics but haven't heard much of the GWS.</li>

<p>Oh and also for #2, ethnic studies and linguistics</p>

<p>DEFINITELY women's studies. im assuming your taking 50AC? super easy. Even if its not 50 and its another class it will undoubtedly be easy. </p>

<p>R&C I am not entirely sure. All RC courses are reading heavy (thats kinda the point). I took english wich is supposed to be the worst, and I found it pretty easy. If I were to guess Id say either anthro or film.</p>

<p>If you're taking any R5B course, you will have to write 32 pages and about 15 pages will be research paper. So even if it's German R5B, you still have to research and write a lot. What I would do is visit each department's website and read their descriptions for each section of R&C courses and pick the one that interests you the most.</p>

<p>YESSS! I just checked and it's 50 AC! That's great because I hadn't heard anything about it up until now. By super easy, you DO mean easy to get an A right? </p>

<p>And about film, ONE person posted on courserank (but it wasn't for the same teacher) and they said that it's not as easy as you would think. But that's ONE person, so idk. I guess it would be interesting to read about films too or do research on them. </p>

<p>Yay! I wasn't so sure about my schedule before, but now it sounds good. </p>

<p>@upmagic thanks! I love research papers (rather than reading) so that helps.</p>

<p>How did you already sign up for classes? When and How do I do it?</p>

<p>It's for the summer. Are u taking summer classes? or fall?</p>

<p>oh im a fall frosh</p>

<p>yep that's what I suspected. Fall admits (like me but I'm doing summer as well) choose classes at CalSO and sign up there. Then you can add more in Phase 2..I'm pretty sure. Someone can tell me if I'm wrong..I'm only a freshman admit too.</p>