Which class is harder - chem 6B or physics 2B

<p>Need advice on what to take next quarter.
I got an A in math 20A/B/C and chem 6A. I got a C- in physics 2A and math 20E (though I did slack off a bit that quarter). I never took physics in high school.</p>

<p>Probably phys2b</p>

<p>I thought Chem 6B was a lot of work but it's not necessarily that hard. It's just a lot of studying (doing practice problems, reading the book). That's if you want an A, anyway. I've never taken PHYS 2B but if you never took physics before, I think it's going to be really difficult. I think you should use the next 3 weeks of break to study your text for phys 2b and prime yourself for the course, because there might actually be a good chance you don't pass just because you've never studied physics before and the class is pretty rigorous, so imo you should use winter break to prepare yourself. Good luck!</p>

<p>2B was ridiculous. I have taken both, and 2B is much harder than chem 6B. if you want to get an A in that class, be prepared to work extra hard. do all the practice problems that TA has for you, even if you dont need to turn them in, and ask for help whenever you get lost.</p>