Which Class looks better for UC's?

<p>For senior I am taking</p>


<p>I have two more slots, and I wish to fill it up with either Spanish 4, AP Stats, or Physiology. </p>

<p>Reasons for spanish 4: To finish all of spanish so I don't have to take it in college?</p>

<p>Reasons for Physiology: In my opinion, it looks good because so far my electives have been health science and psychology and volunteering at a hospital, so this might support the fact that I'm acually interested in medical sciences.</p>

<p>AP Stats: I heard that it's good to go with psychology? And I heard the courseload is actually less than the others. And it's an AP class!</p>

<p>So which two should I pick?</p>

<p>Is Spanish 4 AP? Or is it not?</p>

<p>If not, AP stats would probably be the best. The courseload is small and there is an extremely small amount of overlap with psychology, in the area of studies and stuff (which is really easy in both exams anyway)</p>