Which class should I take?

Hi everyone,
SO, I am applying ED to Wharton Upenn undergrad in the fall, and I want the best possible chances of getting in.
I am doing an internship as a Junior in High school at a Hedge fund over the summer, unpaid, from 6am to 1pm, 5 days a week. I though this would help me standout. But I am getting scared now because I learned, and knew from common sense, that business requires high level math. I never had the opportunity to skip a math year or get into honors math, but I have always gotten over 100% or barely below in all my math classes. Do you recommend I try and take a Calculus 1 class over the summer so it shows up on my early decision as complete. Any advice on how I could be more competitive or attractive to the admission of Upenn or solutions to my problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

I am in a very similar position to you, and I am doing exactly what you mentioned above. I am applying ED to Stern and am not on the honors or advanced math track at my school. I signed up for Calc 1 and Calc 2 at a community college so this way I can take advanced math classes and demonstrate proficiency in these college level classes before I apply. I also signed up for Ap stat at my high school for senior year, and you probably should too as it could be arguably more useful for the business world. Also, you can demonstrate proficiency in math by getting a a high score on the Math 2 subject test. Good luck.