Which classes do I retake now that I am returning to CC after 5 years


I went to a CCC in my 20s then transferred to sjsu and ended up dropping out. It’s been 8 years since I dropped out. Last year I tested into a data science masters program and I’m graduating in may.

TL;DR I want to go back to college and redo it it all. I am aiming for a Data Science, Statistics, or Astrophysics major. My gpa from my early college days isn’t that high. What are my options for a fresh start? I expect that I can retake my core classes such as math, physics, etc. Do I also get to retake my igetc? Is there a way to drop / expunge the old records?

Thank you!

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Will you have a Masters in data science in May 2023??

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Please clarify what you have posted. If you are graduating from a data sciences masters in May…why in the world would you want to redo anything you have taken in the past. That’s the past.

What am I misunderstanding?




I want to go back and earn a college degree because I want to attend other graduate programs which simply do not offer an option to test in. More specifically I want to do a master in CS or an MBA and I am limited on options without a BA or BS.


If you are going to receive a masters degree in May, there is absolutely NO reason why you should go back and retake any courses…or take anymore undergrad courses.

You say you are aiming for data science…but then you say you will be receiving a degree in this field in May.

I’m sorry, but your post makes no sense with regard to taking any further courses in this field.

Get a job. You are 30 years old or so….get a job.

What is unclear about my post? I want to do an undergrad so I can go to other graduate programs. I was lucky that I was able to test into a master program, but I can’t do that for other programs I am eyeing.

I think I see your point. maybe I shouldn’t do the BA in DS but I can still go back and retake just the core classes without IGETC then transfer to a UC all the same right?

ps. I am a senior as a large tech company :wink:

So…you want to redo some undergrad courses so you can leave a senior position at a large tech company and maybe get a degree in something else once you have a bachelors in whatever?

Please think all of this through. Most people do NOT get bachelors degrees after they get master’s degrees. Are you sure you can’t achieve your goals by moving forward with the degree and job you have.

I’m tagging @blossom maybe she has some good suggestions for you.

@Gumbymom would this poster be able to “transfer into a UC”

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Why not a coding boot camp instead? Or other certificate in CS field?

Or for business


Let’s assume that I can juggle both for the sake of this argument. You’re right I am 30, and yeah, I am at a turning point in my career. I want to pursue an exec position, it will be a lot simpler with an MBA. Which means I need to do a BA in some field to start with (my preference would be a quantitative field).

Please see my reply to thumper1, I am already a senior engineer at. My attempt is to move to the C-Suite.

@23ccc and @thumper:

The UC’s allow with some restrictions for a 2nd Bachelor’s degree but I cannot find any information regarding having a Master’s and then transferring for a first time Bachelor’s degree. I suggest to you @23ccc to contact the UC transfer advisor at your local community college and ask if your plan is doable.


How many CC credits do you already have? I know there is a limit on how many you can take before transferring to a UC. You can’t make the ones you already took go away. You are required to send all transcripts from all previous colleges.

So @Gumbymom if this poster takes even more CC courses could he risk not being able to transfer to a UC? Or is this another question to ask when he goes to speak to someone. He currently is NOT a CC student.

Understood! Thank you

I should have a sufficient amount to transfer because I was admitted into both SJSU and UC Berkley (back then). So theoretically I should have all the credits required. I just wanna know if I can retake the math & science ones because It’s been so long, and because I didn’t perform that well in them

The UC’s cap the # of lower division transfer units from a CC at 70 semester/105 quarter units. Anything over that amount is given subject credit. If any upper division courses have been taken at another university, then these are added to the 70/105 units and some campuses have maximum limits for Junior level transfers which could be a problem.

I would ask all these questions when talking to a CC advisor including repeating classes and academic renewal if needed.

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My two cents is that this is such a specific situation, you should reach out to a university admissions office directly and talk to them about your specific credits. I think you might be best off at an institution where you can finish your BS and get an MBA together. Many schools have 5 year programs where undergraduate students can simultaneously work on a BS/MBA at the same time. Perhaps you could do one of these programs and finish your BS and get the MBA you want in 2.5-3 years. It may be worth talking to a few universities admissions departments to see what programs fit you best.

And I would think you need to ask if your masters courses are considered upper division.

And piggy backing the above poster…you might want to discuss your unique situation with MBA folks at a few private universities. Santa Clara, for example, has a decent MBA program. Perhaps they would work with you.