Which classes would give me a better chance?

<p>Hey CC I need some help choosing classes for my senior year. For some background I want to major in computer science and want from here on out the best chance for any college.
My GPA is 3.87+
Weighted its 4.05 (should go up after this year)</p>

<p>My junior class schedule is
Honors physics
Honors precalc and trig
Ap us history
Graphic arts
English 11
French 3</p>

<p>For senior year I'm conflicted
I'm taking
Ap stat
Ap calc ab
French 4
College writing
Anatomy (for a sci credit)
And then.. Either AP comp govt or psych 1 and 2</p>

<p>I really want to take psych but I feel like taking ap comp govt would be better because its an ap and my weighted GPA can increase
Both psych and ap comp govt are easy class in my school so I'm not sure if ap comp govt will make the difference when admissions time comes.</p>

<p>What do you guys think I should do. Not quite sure where I stand at this point in my high school career.</p>


<p>If I were you, I would drop AP Stats and take both AP Comp Govt and Psych. Since you are already taking AP Calc AB and I do not think STATS will help. I have always told my sons to take the classes that most interest them, that way I know they will do well especially in Senior year when Senioritis sets in. Good Luck.</p>

<p>If you want to take Psych, then take it. Don’t take AP Comp Govt just because it’s an AP. </p>

<p>But if you honestly want your WGPA to go up that badly, then take AP Comp Govt</p>

I’m going to continue to take ap stat because its a math credit and I’m going into computer science. I have in interest in psych but I won’t be using that outside of highschool.
Will ap comp govt improve my chances anywhere? Wouldn’t having a higher wgpa look better to colleges?
I prefer psych by far but because its an ap class (comp gov) its making me lean towards it</p>

<p>If it doesn’t really matter I could switch back to psych </p>


<p>Are you interested AT ALL in AP Comp Govt?</p>

I don’t hate it. I’m not going to say I absolutely love it. I think it can be an interesting class. (the teacher is said to be fun even though students dont learn much for the ap test) I don’t think I would take the AP test lol
I would be fine with either class but my interest is more with psych. I’m just worried that one less ap class will make me look worse to colleges. I know it sounds silly but the past few weeks I’ve been trying to do anything and everything I can to make myself look like a stronger applicant. Some users on here blow me away with 5 APs. </p>

<p>@TheMotion: Don’t go by what you see on College Confidential. The stats you see are a very small sampling and don’t take a bunch of AP’s just you think it will look good. Your GPA is more important than an extra AP class. My younger son will have a total of 10 AP’s end of senior year but it dropped his GPA. He probably would have been more competitive if he had cut back on a few classes and got better grades. There a thousands of good colleges that will accept you regardless of the number of AP classes you take. Focus on your grades, EC’s and write stellar essays. You will be fine.</p>

Thanks for the response. My grade is not to worry for this class. It’s a confirmed easy A. I’m just wondering if this can be a decision maker to admission officers. My school offers about 8 AP classes and without me taking this class I would have 3 AP’s and with I would have 4.
My interest is in Psych so I think I might just take that. Hopefully it doesn’t ruin anything lol</p>

<p>bump? Need a last opinion
If I was trying to get into UofM (hardest school I want to get into)… do either choice of AP comp govt or psych make the difference or are they minor in the admission process and my total GPA/ACT play more a larger part?</p>

<p>One extra ap class isn’t going to make much of a difference especially when it doesn’t relate much to your intended major.</p>

So, when it comes down to competitive colleges… Do I have the same chance taking Psychology than AP comparative government?</p>

<p>Note my EC’s are pretty weak and general. I don’t lead in anything but I participate. </p>

<p>@TheMotion </p>

<p>Don’t do things just because you think it’ll look good on your transcript or something, do what YOU want to do. And like @soapio said, it wouldn’t make much of a difference anyway since it’s not even related to your major</p>

<p>@kawaiiii my weighted GPA puts me that 12% rank. It might go to 10% by the end of the this year but even then I’m right at the minimum that most colleges like to look at. Does that play a part?</p>

<p>@TheMotion sorry if this is a late reply but if you really really want that high GPA, maybe go for a zero period or even an online class? </p>