Which CLEP exams can I take considering credits?

I would like to do one or more CLEP exams in order to get some credits. Someone at the college told me that since most of their Gen Ed courses are 4 credits I can only do exams that give 4 credits. Would that mean I could e.g. not do teh Humanities Clep which is a 3+3 ( Fine Arts & Literature combined) credits exam? I am an international students and I had no idea what the advisor meant and she won‘t respond on a Sunday. Thanks!

What college are you asking about?

Look on the college website, or google it; it should say exactly which CLEP exams are offered/accepted.
I’m sure it varies at every school.

Every school accepts only the CLEP exams that they specifically allow. Some accept many, some don’t accept any. Look at the website for your school. They will specify exactly which ones they will accept and exactly what credit they will award, and which general education requirements they will fulfill.

BTW, check out this website: https://modernstates.org/. They have high-quality online lectures to prepare you for CLEP exams, and then they give you a voucher to use to take the CLEP exam for free at a nearby school’s testing center.

You will find a lot of information on the College Board website. They administer CLEP exams. You can look up each school to see what it accepts, but you still need to confirm with the college.

Every school is different. Generally speaking, only public universities offer credit for CLEP exams.

It is impossible for anyone here to tell you any college’s individual policy on what they accept for CLEP credits.

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