Which college for me?

I’m currently a junior living on Long Island and in looking into university of Georgia, university of Virginia, university of Maryland, Syracuse university and American university. I’d like warmer weather but it’s not a complete requirement. I’d like to study political science/international affairs. I’d like a school with a good party/social scene and a great football or sports envornment. I want to have a great college town as well. Anything from 5,000 to 25,000 undergrads is good for me. I want a little bit of a southern feel but nothing overwhelmingly southern. I do love the republicans though so I am ok with that. Which school has the best environment that I’d like the most.

Is your family willing to pay $50K+ for an OOS university?


Have you considered the University of Alabama? They have wonderful merit aid packages and they are automatic. You have the GPA and the SAT/ACT scores and you get them. No essays to write, interviews to attend, etc. Over sixty percent of the UA student body is from OOS. My DS has many friends from up north, but the campus still has a definite southern vibe. UA is larger (60K plus) than UGA, but it feels smaller due to the layout. It is a very walkable campus unlike UGA which is very hilly. I’ve spent a lot of time on both campuses (son at UA and daughter going to UGA) and I love both. If you come for a visit to Athens, it would be worth your time to take a side trip to Tuscaloosa.

I think I’ll have to consider UA now! Do u happen to know how far UA is from Athens

Try google maps.

Depending on traffic, 4.5 hours or so. Traffic around ATL can be heinous, but once you get through there it is an easy drive with very little traffic.

I would not do IR at syracuse. You’ll be in the Maxwell school I believe with a head professor and college leader Coplin that gave a speech to a large group last week about how IR is junk.

Looking for a conservative southern school and have money to blow? Go to Texas a&m, nationally known and the South digs it, good polisci program, and they still shout racial slurs at minority students with a Confederate flag on the bumper. Very successful in sports, large campus with partying, tons of connections. Not too selective, youll get in. It’ll be expensive especially for rooming and you’ll be a number though, gonna be like that for many of these unis.