Which college has a better atmosphere, DePauw University or Wittenberg University?

I’ve been accepted to both schools. I’m not worried about their academics. However,in high school, my social life is very bad. What is campus life like for these schools?

Both have high levels of fraternity and sorority participation, but Depauw (about 70%) is higher than Wittenberg (about 45%). Whether this makes either school better or worse depends on your opinion of fraternities and sororities.

I don’t know Depauw well but can say that Witt is VERY friendly; strangers say hi, great atmosphere. I also remember in polls I read a few years ago that it scored highly in happiness of students and quality of teaching.

Tough one. IMO DePauw is the better school - more funding, more opportunities for students to do internships and so on. Location? Arguably worse - more isolated anyway, if you come from Ohio.

DP is VERY Greek but one might argue that when Greek participation is at 70% there’s probably a group for every type of person. I am not a Greek fan, but I can see that POV.

I know several kids who went to (or are at) both, the DP ones stayed and graduated, none of the 3 Witt ones did. YMMV.