Which college is best for the aspiring journalist?

<p>hi i would like to know about rankings and if anybody can give me a little info on Emerson college at Boston, it would be great</p>

<p>I don't have rankings, but these are ones that commonly come up on such lists and that I have compiled from several sources (US News is only for paid subscribers, which I am not)</p>

U. of Missouri-Columbia
Syracuse U.
Ohio University
University of Georgia
Arizona State University
University of Maryland
University of Kansas
Indiana University-Bloomington
University of Florida
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Texas-Austin
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
Ohio State University
Michigan State University
University of Southern California</p>

<p>Oh and these are for undergraduate schools, I made sure that's what I was looking at</p>

<p>Also in Boston: communications dept at BU -- Other J-schools: Northwestern, UGeorgia, UMissouri-Columbia, UNC-Chapel Hill, Syracuse (Newhouse) -- all undergrad -- for graduate work, Columbia.</p>

<p>A Journalist should have a great, general all-around education, able to write & comment on just about everything -- therefore, you might want to consider a great LAC with a strong writing program (e.g., Middlebury, Sarah Lawrence, Vassar, Hamilton) and then go for a graduate degree at any other the above schools --</p>

<p>thaks a lot ..but i'm really curious about emerson college ..think u know where it figures on the</p>

<p>nope i'm looking for grad schools</p>

<p>you could have stated that before I went all over the internet looking for undergrad programs!</p>

<p>sorry dude</p>

<p>Also in Boston: Northeastern (excellent J School with internships at the BBC, NBC News, Fox, Boston Globe, New York Times, ABC News etc.).</p>

<p>I don't want to hijack this thread, but how do journalism schools look at poli sci/economics majors?</p>

<p>A poli sci/econ major is just fine for journalism school. What will count more than your major is a writing sample, preferably some clippings. Write for your campus or community paper. (Or work for the campus tv or radio station). If your interest is foreign affairs, it also helps to pick up another language.</p>

<p>Some top journalism grad schools: Columbia, Northwestern, UC Berkeley</p>

<p>My interest would probably be most in sports journalism; essentially all that matters though is writing samples, right?</p>