Which college is better for premed?

<p>I want to stay around this area(Dallas) and I looked into SMU and UTD. Austin College and Baylor seemed nice but not close enough to home (at least for my mom:)) If I went to UTD for premed do you think that would be frowned upon because they are not known to be amazing and as a last resort and a lot of the students seemed have have come from overseas and most of them were commuters. Do you think SMU would be better? But then again I'm not super rich. *I called both and both their programs seem to be mediocre. Should I wait to see which will be cheaper and decide based on that? *Will they tell me how much scholarship money I'm going to get on the acceptance letter? Or do you think that truly Baylor and Austin college would be better options? I heard that the name of the undergrad university doesn't really matter. *Do you think that is true? *Sorry its so long. I think I want to be a bio major.</p>