Which College out of the 3 are better(Fordham University, University of Delaware, Drexel University)

Assume getting in is not a problem. Also, IGNORE costs. I am also looking to become a business major.

Fordham and UDel equal, Drexel quite a bit below in terms of value.
However a university you can’t afford or were you can’t get in is pointless.

Fordham > Drexel=UDel

Better?? Hmmmmmm That’s a very subjective question. Can you be more specific?

I think Fordham has the best reputation by far, but I probably have a geographical bias being from New York. I know you say to ignore them, but at the end of the day getting in and cost of attendance are far more important than prestige.

As you have stated your interests, Fordham. However, I agree this would be subjective.

I think Delaware is getting more well known in New York. Maybe it’s just me, but I hear about a lot of kids from my are
attending there. Fordham is probably ranked slightly higher, and you may have better internship opportunities in New York there(just guessing, I don’t know for sure).

The environments are pretty different, though. Have you visited both? Both have really nice campuses, but one’s in a city and the other is in a suburb.

One thing to give serious consideration to about Fordham is the extent of their core requirements.
If I remember correctly, it’s something close to 20 courses.

That’s significantly more than some other schools. I think most of the SUNY’s require around 12. I’m not sure about Delaware.

For business I’d order the schools as follows: Fordham, UDel, and then Drexel
But for full disclosure my S wen to Fordham - Gabelli and loved it.

I agree Walknoneggshells: The environments are very different. De- Suburban downtown with plenty of nearby restaurants, close to Philly by train, Baltimore…etc, larger student population, option to join Greek life, and yes, becoming more and more select/popular. Fordham: access to NYC but self-contained campus, no option for Greek life, religion based, higher cost, smaller student population. But, I’d say to forget about rankings and visit. They are so different; you will probably feel at home at one vs. the other. If it’s ranking that you are after, if you ask ten people, you will get ten different opinions. I recommend talking to students and faculty in the departments too.

They are all very good schools. Note that Drexel’s model is different - it’s on the quarter system and has a heavy focus on coop and work experience.