Which College should I attend? (Computer Science)

Hi, I am an international student. I have received admission(undergraduate) from the following colleges :-

Stevens Institute of Technology ($18000 merit)
The University of Tulsa ($16000 merit)
Rochester Institute of Technology ($18000 merit)
Seton Hall University ($ 24500 merit)
Mercer University ($21000 merit)
University of South Florida ($6000 merit)
Augustana College ($25000 merit, $5000 need-based)
Whitworth University ($18000 merit, $15600 need-based)
Wentworth Institute of Technology ($13500 merit)
University of Evansville ($26000 merit)
Marist College ($15000 merit, $12000 need-based)
Drake University ($18000 merit)

I want to major in Computer Science. My parents can only afford $20000-$25000 per year. I am looking for a place where summer jobs are easily available so that I can contribute towards some of my college expenses.

Please Help!!

Net price at each school?

Subtract scholarships and grants from list price to get the net price.

Stevens will have a lot of job placements as part of the program to earn money

Seton Hall has good name recognition and it seems good merit aid.

These are the remaining COA’s :-

Stevens Institute of Technology ($47000)
The University of Tulsa ($42000)
Rochester Institute of Technology ($37000)
Seton Hall University ($27500)
Mercer University ($29600)
University of South Florida ($28000)
Augustana College ($23000)
Whitworth University ($20000)
Wentworth Institute of Technology ($33500)
University of Evansville ($25000)
Marist College ($24400)
Drake University ($35820)


Did you factor health insurance and international travel as part of the net COA? Are you allowed to work off campus while on Student Visa? A lot of the schools on your list are not affordable if your parents can only contribute $20K-$25K per year towards your COA, even with summer earnings. Is it possible to complete your undergraduate degree in your home country and do a graduate degree in the USA? That is the approach a lot of the friends I made while a engineering graduate student. A number of them went on to full-time positions with US companies. You can complete your graduate degree in 1 - 1.5 years.

I’d probably go with Seton Hall since it is within your budget and in near a big city (so more likely to find summer jobs), and has a decent reputation.

If the OP is on an F1 student visa, forget about getting off campus summer work in the US. Not allowed as far as I know.

But Seton Hall is not within his budget.

The following schools are in your budget:

Augustana College ($23000)
Whitworth University ($20000)
University of Evansville ($25000)
Marist College ($24400)

So your choices are narrowed down to these.

As post #7 stated, I am not sure you will be eligible to work during the summer. Maybe the better option is to spend summer at home and work there. If you work in the US, after rents and living expenses you may not have anything left to contribute to your education. In which case, attend the college that you think is the best fit and not where you think you will get a summer job.

If it’s not too late, you should apply to University of Alabama Huntsville. Depending on stats, OP may be eligible for the full tuition and full board scholarship. I think they award those to international students.

Are you from somewhere that does not have comparable universities at a better price? Why do you want to study in the USA?

If your parents can only afford about $25K, then it seems like your affordable options are:

Whitworth University
Augustana College
Marist College
University of Evansville

and with a little debt, if there are loans in your home country you can borrow:

Seton Hall University
University of South Florida
Mercer University

So really, you can cut the rest off your list. And if you can’t borrow loans from your home country and are not eligible here, then the top four are your only choices.

Personally, I think Marist is one of the best schools on that list.

I have 3A*'s, 3A’s, and 3B’s in O level and an A and 3B’s in my A level first part (I am retaking two subjects this year). My SAT score is 1420/1600. There are some good universities that rank in the world’s top 500 in my home country but I want to study in US because it has been my dream since childhood and there are better opportunities available in the US.

You would have better opportunities in the US at likely lower cost if you attend a university in your country of citizenship or residency and then enter a funded graduate program at a US university and complete a master’s or doctoral degree.

@ucbalumnus said "You would have better opportunities in the US at likely lower cost if you attend a university in your country of citizenship or residency and then enter a funded graduate program at a US university and complete a master’s or doctoral degree. "

In terms of being pragmatic, I think that this is correct. I know several people who got their Bachelors (and in some cases Masters) at a very good but less expensive university outside the US, and then got a Masters or PhD in the US.

@NoVADad99 Generally, you’re right. But there are exceptions: You can work on-campus (up to 20 hrs a week). You can also apply for permission to work at a paid internship/co-op related to your major. And you can apply for permission to work off-campus after one year of study. But yes, none of these are guaranteed and it’s best not to count on them.

I have already applied in some of the universities in my home country but I want to keep all my options open so I also want to select a university in the US.