Which College Should I choose? UCI or UCSB?

<p>I am deciding between UCI and UCSB but I don’t know which to choose! I think I want to major in journalism but I’m not 100% sure. While UCI offers a journalism major, I am not in love the the surrounding area (corporate buildings and such). However, I do realize it’s a good school. On the other hand, UCSB has a communications major which is completely different from journalism, but is somewhat interesting. I LOVE UCSB’s campus, but I’m Asian and from an Asian community and I’m afraid that people at UCSB may be snotty or racist. Also, UCSB is really isolated. I wonder if I would tire of the UCSB scene for 4 years? PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE! Pros and Cons of both schools?</p>

<p>People at UCSB aren't known to be snotty or racist. Quite the opposite, in fact.</p>

<p>Moreover, it'll probably do you good to move to a new environment that's different from what you're used to. That's how you grow. :)</p>

<p>I personally live in Irvine, and it's blah.</p>

<p>About the Asian thing - UCSB's population is almost 20% Asian, nearly 1 in 5 people. That definitely isn't a small number. I'm sure you won't feel left out or discriminated against in any way for that. On the other hand, UCI's population is made up of about half Asians... way too many for my taste (and I'm Asian. lol). It's good to diversify and come out of your comfort zone - other races aren't going to bite you. Think about how it would be if people only interacted with their own race...</p>

<p>And in case you don't feel like stepping out of your comfort zone, my high school was only about 5% Asian, and I never felt any discrimination for that, nor did I ever feel like there wasn't enough Asians. UCSB is going to have a higher number of Asians then I'll have ever known, haha. So don't worry about that. There'll be plenty. Race isn't a big deal anyway.</p>

<p>yea, 20% asian is actually alot, its just that your probably comparing it to other UCs and not other schools</p>

<p>Since im from SB the corporate buildings of Irvine were a lot more appealing to me then a town where the widest street is 2 lanes.</p>

<p>to spellingbead: but comparing the two, isn't there a lot more to do at sb? i love outdoor activities and sb seems like a great place for hiking, camping, etc. And in terms of parties and liveliness? What I would really love to know is: besides shopping and dining, what else is there to do in irvine?</p>

<p>ps thanks everyone else for reassuring me about the whole aisan/ racism (or lack of) thing</p>

<p>^ If your into those things, UCSB would be a better fit. UCI is a commuter school, it just doesn't have that vibe like UCSB, where most of the students stay on campus during the weekends. You can do your outdoor activities with the beach and mountains nearby. Yea the parties here can be a bit more intense but you can still have a fun time. As for shopping and eating, there are shopping centers and malls nearby, and free bus services to downtown SB.</p>

<p>Go to UCI you'll have more fun.</p>

<p>reading- for you UCSB might be the better fit. You didn't say where you are from but I'm assuming you live in some metropolitan area (most people in CA do). Basically if you're from a small town like Santa Barbara (like Spellingbead) UCI might be more appealing. If you're from a big city (like Lawcha?) UCSB might be more interesting.</p>

<p>to tommy: yeah i'm from LA so I really crave nature. But a friend brought up a point: because uci is in the city, there's going to be great networking opportunities where as ucsb is rather isolated. does anybody have any thoughts about that?</p>

<p>doubt that being "isolated" would hurt your chances to network. if a school is good, companies will drive over there regardless of how far it is. many of the best schools in the nation are located in seemingly isolated areas, yet that doesn't hinder them from getting opportunities.</p>

<p>Exactly, I doubt people pass up Dartmouth and Cornell because they are isolated.</p>

<p>Well comparing Dartmouth and Cornell to UCSB is apples and oranges. Dartmouth and Cornell-being Ivy Leagues-are in an entirely different category than UCSB. But I meant networking with students. In UCI, I could network with the students and get connected through the metropolitan area, right? In UCSB ... well ... how could I get connected? I really don't know.</p>

<p>Networking with other students? As far as I know, UCSB is a very tight knight community, moreso than UCI is. Students stay on campus/surrounding communties for the most part, rather than leaving every weekend like many UCI students do. The campus itself is smaller (if I remember correctly), so you see more people. There is a more "laid back" and social atmosphere. UCSB also has very involved kids, with the highest proportion of registered voters of any university in the country. This networking with other students is one of the big pluses of UCSB.</p>

<p>Networking as far as jobs are concerned, I wouldn't know.</p>

<p>How about in terms of majors? I mean there is a 65% chance I will change my major. Should I go to UCI because they have journalism major? For UCSB, I put Communications as my major, which I'm not really not that into, but who knows? It could be interesting? I'm also interested in economics and/or business. UCSB has econ and UCI has business. I really don't know what to do! I love the campus at UCSB but UCI is more secure and stable for me ... What should I do?!</p>


<p>try business economics....</p>

<p>UCI has a seperate school for business (including business economics) while UCSB has business economics offered in its College of Letters and Science (basically all the majors that don't fall into the engineering category).</p>

<p>I honestly don't know which program is better, but....</p>

<p>If your into accounting, UCSB also offers an emphasis on Accounting with your Business Economics major, which caters more to that specific part of that study.</p>

<p>since UCI has a separate school of business, is it more difficult to switch majors?</p>