Which college should I choose?

<p>Hey guys I am having trouble deciding which UC to choose with my planned major in accounting. So far my options are UCLA (under business econ), UCSB and UCSD (possibly, but heard its not good for accounting). Cal Poly SLO is another option for CSU but heard its very impacted. Would anyone mind giving me insight? Thanks</p>

<p>UCLA’s accounting is very good and many of the Big 4 hire Bus Econ majors. UCSB also has a very good program and will prepare you to sit for the CPA exam (not sure if UCLA’s will do the same) in addition to heavy recruiting from the Big 4. I haven’t heard much about UCSD in terms of accounting.</p>

<p>I have heard that in order to qualify for the CPA you must have a degree in accounting. Will majoring in bus econ at ucla not allow me to meet this requirement and have an accounting degree?</p>