Which college should I go to?

<p>I got accepted to Georgia State, and Souther Polytechnic State Univ. I want to know which University is better in transferring to Georgia Tech.</p>

<p>And what about Oglethorpe's Dual Engineering program?</p>

<p>Weren't decisions already due?</p>

<p>June 1st, GSU, Aug. 1st, Oglethorpe, SPSU probably like oglethorpe. But please answer my main question.</p>


<p>Ask this in Parents. Change the title to "Georgia State, SPSU, or Oglethorpe for NAME-OF-MAJOR-HERE for transfer to Georgia Tech?" Someone there surely knows all of these institutions.</p>


<p>Do they cost the same? If not, how will you cover the difference? Do you anticipate getting financial aid from either one?</p>

<p>happymom is correct, ask this over in the Parents Forum. You'll get much better-informed answers over there.</p>