Which college would I get accepted to?????

<p>I am a average student from a small public school. I know that I want to apply ED to a school. But, am having a hard time picking one school to apply to. Can you guys please tell me which I school I am most likely to get into?
My college options are Carnegie Mellon, John Hopkins, Brigham Young, and Tufts.</p>

<p>My stats:</p>

<p>SAT I: 1430
I am going to take my SAT II's soon
ranked 4 in 240.
4.0 weighted GPA
I have no leader ship or awards:(
My EC's:
I've taken the following each four years.
French Club
Key Club
100+ hospital volunteer hours
50+ library volunteer hours
NHS(1 year)
I interned at DEP
and took a French course in a local college</p>

<p>Please tell me which school I would have the greatest chance to get into.

<p>ouch... no leadership or awards is gonna hurt.. JHU,CMU,Tufts are all gonna be match-reaches for you..... also your EC is like a freakin laundry list... you have a lot of things but no depth... thats gonna hurt.. but i can still see you maybe getting into JHU,CMU or Tufts (dunno BYU) if you write an amazing essay...</p>

<p>oh wait. i just realized that your 4.0 is weighted..... thats gonna hurt.... maybe JHU and Tufts is more like reaches.....</p>

<p>wait my weighted gpa was 5.4. Sorry. I don't know what the 4.0 is? I think that maybe my unweighted? So, with that correction do any of you think I have a decent shot in getting into CMU ED?</p>

<p>CMU ED would be no problem - 75%??? You need to cover up your ECs though.</p>

<p>How do you suggest covering up my EC's????? Trying to get leadership isn't really an option. Considering that is a popularity contest. And I am not even close to being popular. And my essay writing abilities aren't too strong. So, what do you have in mind of how I should cover my EC's?</p>

<p>Be as vague as you can - write your essay in a completely personal manner - work on that SAT - and you will be at CMU next year.</p>

<p>What do you mean be as vauge as I can? Also, I forgot to put that I attended a 6-week summer program at CMU.</p>



<p>Have to ask how you get a 5.4 weighted GPA????<br>
CMU looks to be a good fit, but if you were there during the summer don't you have a feel about the school and if it is where you want to be the next 4 years.
BYU is possible, I know students that have lesser stats and made it, but they were Mormon.
John Hopkins and Tufts are both reaches.</p>

<p>those colleges are all reaches except byu</p>

<p>OK, CMU is reach/match for you if you ED. By when I say you should be "as vague as you can", I mean that <em>do not</em> mention your EC or talk about your ECs in essay.</p>

<p>are you mormon? if so byu you're in, if not, i'm not sure why you would even want to go
tufts/jhu-pretty large reaches
cmu-80%chance of getting in</p>

<p>OK? How can I be vague about my EC's if on the college application theres a specific spot for them. I mean I can't just leave it blank. Is there a seperate application that doesn't do that. And no I'm not mormon. But, I'm Hindu, does that help any?</p>

<p>Also, If any of the schools above that I have listed aren't really matches for me. Can anyone tell me some schools that would be matches for me?</p>

<p>Hindu will not help at BYU. I think you would find yourself very uncomfortable there. What are your interests? These are all large universities. Is this what you want or would you be happy at LAC? Is there an area of the country you love or can't stand?</p>

<p>Take byu off now! If on the off chance you're accepted, you'll be such an outsider. Also, there are required things relating to the mormon church, and most people not affilaited with that faith would not feel comfortable having to go on missions or attend church on an ordinary basis.</p>

<p>Although I don't really think you'd be comfortable at BYU, they do not require you to go on church or missions. Those things aren't required for Church members either although they are recommended and the majority of the students do go to church.</p>

<p>good chance GOOD LUCK raise SAT score</p>