Which colleges are more generous with aid for intl students?

So yea the cliched question but which colleges are very generous with aid for intl students? I know HYMP are but apart from them which other colleges?

Amherst is one.


You keep opening threads - you’ve already asked this and had it answered.

Your question is not complete. You know the schools that meet demonstrated need - you mentioned Dartmouth, then there’s Amherst as @compmom mentions.

Then there’s schools with high merit based on stats and not need. U of Alabama - you could, with the right grades, have $4K tuition and be out for under $20K (domestic student, I know there are international fees/insurance, etc). There are other schools like this.

Please stop opening up new threads because the topics are the same.

And when you ask a question - make it complete - because you don’t mention here you have need.

International Student Scholarships – Scholarships | The University of Alabama (ua.edu)

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