Which colleges could I get in to in Florida?

<p>Also, who might offer me a good scholarship?
Here's my stats:
GPA UW: 4.0
GPA W:4.3
ACT: 28
SAT: 1280/1930
My extra-curriculars are good, I have a decent amount and I've been a part of some snce 7th grade, and I have 4+ leadership positions.</p>



<p>Florida A&M automatic near-full ride if you are a Florida resident (automatic full tuition if you are not a Florida resident):
[Scholarships</a> - Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University 2012](<a href=“Page Not Found”>Page Not Found)</p>

<p>Well you have the FAS Bright futures so that gives some as long as you apply I think it would be worth it to apply to UF and FSU. Collegeboard also said UF graudates had an average indebtedness at graduation of $16,841, and while FSU was unlisted I’ve seen in other places that it was in the lower 20k’s. I certainly think these two would be worth that amount.</p>

<p>You could probably get into any school in FL including Miami</p>

<p>Agreed ^ but Miami only offers merit scholarships for an SAT of an 1350 or higher (just something to note, but if money isn’t a factor by all means)</p>

<p>where ever you want</p>

<p>Ave Maria University
Florida A&M</p>

<p>Why limit yourself to Florida? Time to spread your wings a bit more?</p>

<p>I think you could easily get into mostly all schools in FL. The only harder to get into would be Miami but I am sure you can get in!</p>

<p>What are my chances for getting into a school in FL? </p>

<p>school- Florida Community College</p>

<p>GPA- 3.72 will raise after spring semester</p>

<p>intended major- Business Admin</p>

<p>academic accomplishments- honor society, honors college</p>

<p>race- Latino male</p>

<p>Any schools you guys think i would have a good chance at? and a good chance getting a scholarship?</p>