Which colleges do you think I have a shot at?

770 Math
630 Verbal</p>

770 Math IIC
700 Writing SAT II
650 US History
600 Chemistry</p>

4.2 Weighted
4.0 Unweighted (Never made below a 90)</p>

<p>Course Strength
Hardest Classes Taken
10 AP (Got 3 on 3 AP Tests)</p>



Not Great</p>

<p>Applying early decision because my grades are going downhill.</p>

<p>Actually rank is 25/340
And my extracurriculars are below average.</p>

<p>Id say decent shot at Northwestern/ Cornell, in at Emory.</p>

<p>Thanks slipper1234!</p>

<p>What about Wharton School at U of Penn?</p>