Which colleges require three subject tests?

<p>I am aware that the requirement for three subject tests has been gradually phased out for most colleges; however, are there still some top-tier colleges that do require at least three tests as opposed to at least two?</p>

<p>MIT,harvad,princeton and maybe more but these three do require 3.
i read somewhere around here.</p>

<p>Georgetown requires three. Also @ above poster, MIT only requires two.</p>

<p>Harvard and Princeton both want two. Georgetown is the only school I know of that currently requires 3. Some schools (Harvard is one) are happy to look at more than two scores, if submitted; some schools (Duke, e.g.) explicitly state that they will only consider two.</p>

<p>in case of the ones that require 2,
do they specifically state which one they want or can we submit any two with one of them being math 2C?</p>

MIT,harvad,princeton and maybe more but these three do require 3.
i read somewhere around here


<p>Um, what? LMAO. This is completely false. Please don't spout fallacious information that you haven't verified.</p>

<p>MIT, Harvard, and Princeton each require two Subject Tests. MIT specifically requires that one be in math (no preference of Level 1 or 2) and the other be in science (no preference of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics). Additionally, it is required for applicants to Princeton's engineering school that one of their Subject Tests be in Chemistry or Physics.</p>

<p>georgetown requires 3</p>

<p>Georgetown doesn't require three anymore. Now they "strongly recommend" three. So yeah, they basically require three.</p>

<p>^Well that was repetetive, lol. Georgetown is the ONLY reason I took 3 :(</p>

<p>Toronto is the only reason I took three. They require three for American students.</p>

<p>Will colleges think you're like a showoff if you take more than three?</p>